A Solstice Immersion into

Earth Honoring Practices
December 13th - 23rd, 2018
Urubamba, Peru


Join Reviveolution and Moon Mountain

on a journey into one of the hearts

of sacred wisdom on our planet. 
{Please note: this is a co-ed retreat} 

V I S I O N 
This retreat is an opportunity to listen to the land, the plants, and the people that steward this sacred place. Through practicing the craft of weaving, learning TEK (traditional ecological knowledge), attending a 3-day Indigenous Solstice Gathering, and steeping ourselves in Andean Wisdom, we will begin to contextualize our purpose here on this earth. 


R E V I V E O L U T I O N 

Reviveolution is an inter-cultural team of pioneers committed toa socially and ecologically sustainable world. We envision a personally fulfilling, communally empowering,and ecologically regenerative human presence on Earth. Our mission is to bridge indigenous wisdom in the modern world for the benefit of individuals, communities, and nature.

A C T I V I T I E S 
- Courses in Andean Wisdom
- Weaving and Natural Dyeing with traditional weaving family
- 3-Day Solstice Gathering
- TEK Education and land work
- Opportunity to sit with elders in a San Pedro cactus ceremony
- Opportunity to journey to Machu Piccu 

Day 1:

Welcome to your gorgeous center in the Sacred Valley! Arrive and settle in to your rooms. Join us for a delicious lunch followed by a coca integration circle where we will get to know one another, meet our Q'ero Maestros, and introduce the practice of sitting with Mama Coca.

Day 2:

After a morning coca circle we will wash away heavy and stagnant energies (worries and stresses) with a river cleanse using clearing herbs. Today, we will also learn about the traditional Q'ero fire offerings and unite our circle with our opening despacho ceremony to set our intentions for the journey.

Day 3:

We will start today off early drinking San Pedro and walking to a sacred site (off-the-beaten-path) to sit in ceremony and connect with nature. Maestro Juan Gabriel will share with us the teachings of personal offerings and prayer. In the afternoon we will celebrate with a feast an intimate integration circle.

Day 4:

Today is a day of reflection, integration and creativity! We’re going to have fun, dive deep, explore, and connect in a meaningful way, with precisely designed practices to truly integrate ancestral practices into your particular lifestyle

Day 5:

Today we will meet the Sonqo family, master weavers from one of the most biodiverse regions in Peru. They will introduce us to the practice of spinning to make our own baby alpaca wool & dying them with incredible colors of wild plants and insects.

Day 6:

Today we will get some hands-on time with weaving on a back-strap loom. Beyond a craft, weaving teaches us how actively working with our hands becomes a practice of mindfulness- a state of being that becomes handy for any area of our life. While we are working on our pieces, Daniel Sonqo will share a presentation about the symbology represented in Andean culture... another great lesson for the symbols and intentions we weave into our own lives. This will be a fun day of craft along with stimulating conversation to inspire us to bring the deeper teachings into our awareness.

Day 7:

We will continue to master the art of mindfulness by giving loving attention to our weavings. Allowing each thread to show us the quality of our mind, and working out turbulent thoughts and feelings by smoothing out the threads of our creative expression. This day will be dedicated fully to continuing learning weaving with the Sonqos, and diving in deeper to stimulating teaching that form the root of these ancestral practices. The practice of weaving is both for males and females in a Peruvian house-hold. The whole family participates in the process!

Day 8:

We will join the opening day of the Qapaq Raymi event at Communidad Amalai. This will be the inaugural fire to set our intentions for a celebratory time together for the Solstice. In Peru, December is a time of great abundance and prosperity, with all the crops growing tall and nature in full blossom. Similarly, this is a time of year to bring our life intentions into full blossom.

Day 9:

Today marks the SOLSTICE. We will sit in joyous celebration and intentional prayer alongside the sacred Wilka Mayu River. This will be a day of powerful ceremony that is sure to leave a lasting imprint in your life. By connecting to ancestral practices on the central day of the Qapac Raymi- we are connecting to our fullest potential as human beings in service to this beautiful planet. By taking the time to sit, connect, and feed the life force of the Earth on this potent day, we are feeding the life force of our own personal dreams and breathing strength into our highest aspirations.

Day 10:

Today wrap up our final day of Qapac Raymi through celebration, prayer, medicine, and song. Celebration is a huge aspect of Andean Culture. We enjoy the beauty of life together, celebrate the bounty of the Earth, and in return- bring that prosperity into every aspect of our own lives.

Day 11:

This morning we give our goodbye-for-now hugs and wish each other well on our journey back home - with full hearts and a deeper sense of wisdom for walking as a steward of this planet. (Knowing how stoked our families will be for the amazing fluffy alpaca slippers and hand-made fair trade weavings we are secretly gifting them for the Holidays!

C R O S S - C U L T U R A L  P R A C T I C E S

Throughout this retreat, we will follow the "Cross-Cultural Community Guidelines" co-created by the Moon Mountain visionary council and Youth Passageways. 


W H A T  D O E S  I T  C O S T? 




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