OUR intention

We gather to embark on a journey together, of reconnecting ways of life that call us to remember. Retracing the steps through (our)story and rewriting the pathway to a new infinity.


Untangle language that binds our minds to systems of oppression and patriarchal lies. Reclaim words lost through time and concepts that keep collective vision alive. Heal ancestral traumas stored in our wombs to rebalance our cycles with planets and moons. Relearn plants and medicines of the land we share and how to tend these forests with spiritual care. Reunite with the magic of earthen bloodlines and across all lineage, unlearn the ways of the colonized. We channel cosmic wisdom through our body and minds, to re-humanize with the memory of ancient timelines. 


This is a primeval paradigm, a neoteric rebirth, an evolution of why we came to live on this earth. With lifetimes of work, and clear vision in mind, our children's children will re-indigenize. They will shift from entitlement to responsibility, for this planet - our mother - and they'll live in unity.

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