Our Vision

At this moment we are in a time of incredible turmoil on this planet. Capitalism, colonization and the patriarchy have stripped resources, cultures, and biodiversity from our lands and oceans.  Environmental disasters - from man-induced oil spills to volcanic eruptions - are common place in our increasingly toxic world. So few of us know our place, our mission, and how to respond to the overwhelming inundation of stories that describe catastrophic scenarios met by both humans, land and animals alike. We are frozen, eyes wide open, but bodies trapped in the trauma of generations of abuse.


We hold the pain of planetary suffering deep within our wombs. We feel the loss of our culture, the loss of our communities, and the loss of our connection to this beautiful earth.  We feel the deep sense of grief that comes with yearning for a way of life that we will never experience in this lifetime. We feel the generations spent communing with a natural world that is disappearing right before our eyes.


But, there is a place deep within the well of ancestral memory of our forgotten indigenous selves that lights a candle of hope. That prays with each waning moon and rising sun that our children’s, children will live in a world where they can remember. We pray that they will tend their food and medicines, that they will care for their forests, and that they will again know their place in this great cosmic mystery.


In this moment, the only way we will find strength and solutions to the massive problems facing our planet is to walk straight into the fire of this existence. To look this planetary system of oppression in the face and say, “We have had enough.” To unite as HUMANS - awakened - across gender, race, class, and cultural lines and truly listen to each other.


The only way out is to be present with the pain of trauma in our bodies and wombs - and work to heal it. To be present with the internalized racism, classism, and discriminatory aspects of our minds - and to unwind them. The only way out is to awaken ancestral memory through the practices, crafts, plants and traditions that are true to our unique bloodlines, and unwind the colonized and the colonizer in our beings. The only way out is to reconnect to our mother earth, and live to support her.


In this moment, the only way is to uplift and support the diverse voices of a true WOMXN’s movement. To uplift and support the needs and demands of WOC, POC, Indigenous Womxn, BI POC, LGBTQA+ communities, low-income womxn, and other marginalized groups. The only way is to listen to each other and co-create a culture of respect.


We intend to co-create an intersectional movement that supports and listens to the needs of all communities - including the needs of our planet. We believe in creative activism that challenges that status quo and pushes the edges of collective consciousness. Will we be able to model authentic and integral inclusivity? Will we be able to create a safe container to do some of the deepest work of our generation? In truth, we do not know. But, we are working hard to create a gathering - a movement - that restructures what it means to be a decolonized WOMXN, and we trust that we are on the side of creation.

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