workshop journey

Our curriculum is crafted to create a transformational experience. Through workshops on activism, movement, plant magic, motherhood, woven arts, and ancient roots we will unlearn to relearn. 


We bring together wisdom keepers from Indigenous, African and European lineages to share their stories in a way that is authentic to their traditions. We will trace our roots and unlearn to relearn. These workshops are the heart and soul of our gathering and must be honored with the highest respect. 

Activism & Ancestral responsibility

We centralize conversations that will expand your awareness on colonization, oppression, white privilege, intersectional feminism, cultural appropriation, ancestral healing, deconstructing language, reparations, and community organizing.  Our teachers represent a diversity of perspectives across age, race, gender, and cultures. 

Plant magic + Kitchen Witch

We learn from our sistxrs how to work with plants and magic as medicine for our bodies and spirits. We remember our sacred relationship with the land we share. 


Intergenerational trauma is stored in our bodies. Our wombs carry lifetimes of both the oppressor and the oppressed. Through workshops on dance, yoga, and embodied movement we will begin to heal these traumas and create space in our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits.  

Woven ARTS

Together, we weave our traditions, our stories, and our magic. 


The real work is in preparation of the coming generation.